Culture and Characters: Travel, Travel, Travel

Traveling is so helpful towards gaining a better understanding of how people interact and different ways people do things. You say you want to write a script about some French kids who play soccer in downtown Paris? It'll sound and feel so much more authentic if you


STORYTELLING || Episode 1: Sunglasses

2.9.18 Entry #148 |  Clarkson Davis [written transmission] Mostly to himself, Kyle normally didn't say much to anyone. He seemed to not care to interact with people, even those he considered friends, myself included. Many people thought him a strange guy, mostly because he always wore his sunglasses. Indoor. Outdoor. Sunny. Cloudy. Summer. Winter. When … Continue reading STORYTELLING || Episode 1: Sunglasses

Dialogue… “What was that?”

Script-writing goes against your gut when it comes to dialogue. Think about it. Watch the conversations around you. How do you know a person is happy. Is it because they say "I'm happy"? Or is it because of their relaxed body position and their smile? How do we know people are tired? Yawning, droopy eyes, dropped attention rate, distracted, fatigue, etc. These are all things that are communicated through actions.

God’s Deep Love ~ Like and Ocean

I’ve come to realization that I have a very weak understanding of how much my Lord loves me. I get so caught up in the expectations of the world, professors with class agendas, employers with work, bills to be paid, friends to hang out with, leadership positions to be fulfilled, that I forget that my Lord LOVES me. Unconditionally. Every day. No matter what.

Expectations, Perceptions, and Control

I’ve been thinking a lot about perceptions recently. How our cultural background effects how we view the world, how our upbringing plants ideas into our heads, how our social status causes us to view our relationship to others...the list goes on. It’s amazing how everything we have experienced causes us to think the way we … Continue reading Expectations, Perceptions, and Control