Villains: “Everyone dies.”

Villains are some of the most important supporting characters of all time. A good villain makes a good movie...


Supporting Characters: “You complete me.”

I was thinking about the classic line from Jerry Maguire "You complete me." Tom Cruise says the phrase to the supporting character, Renee Zellweger, in an ironically self-fulfilling statement ...

God’s Deep Love ~ Like and Ocean

I’ve come to realization that I have a very weak understanding of how much my Lord loves me. I get so caught up in the expectations of the world, professors with class agendas, employers with work, bills to be paid, friends to hang out with, leadership positions to be fulfilled, that I forget that my Lord LOVES me. Unconditionally. Every day. No matter what.


Working for God’s Presence: A testimony of how abiding not striving fulfills

How Hudson Taylor's Life Testimony has resonated with what God is teaching me.


Expectations, Perceptions, and Control

I’ve been thinking a lot about perceptions recently. How our cultural background effects how we view the world, how our upbringing plants ideas into our heads, how our social status causes us to view our relationship to others...the list goes on. It’s amazing how everything we have experienced causes us to think the way we … Continue reading Expectations, Perceptions, and Control


Liturgies of Life: Toothbrushes and Chocolate

If we begin to see life as a sequence of liturgies with unique meanings rather than fleeting moments of grandiosity strung together by the mundane, we will begin to find value in the smallest moments of our lives.


The Truman Show Review

I really enjoyed the Truman show. It was thought provoking and had many meaningful parallels. Towards the end of the movie, I began to see a parallel between Christof and the devil. Christof had successfully deceived Truman into thinking that Seahaven was the real world. That everything in it had meaning and was all that … Continue reading The Truman Show Review